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Ireland's principal functional language for most people is English, although a large part are Irish or Gaelic speaking. Under the Irish constitution, both languages have an official status with Celtic as first official national language.

The Celts have lived more than 2,000 years in Ireland and the Isle itself has records of humanity up to 8000 AC. This long history contributes to an incredible wealth of fantastic archaeological sites in this country. Ireland's economy is supported by tourism. People love coming to Ireland. It is still largely an agricultural country and retains its charm and identity.

The currency in the Rep. of Ireland is the Euro. The Irish Republic (Irish: Poblacht na hÉireann or Saorstát Éireann) was a revolutionary state that declared its independence from Great Britain in January 1919. The War of Independence ended with the Anglo-Irish Treaty, signed on 6 December 1921 and narrowly approved by Dáil Éireann on 7 January 1922. In December 1922 Ireland became a self-governing British Dominion called the Irish Free State consisted of 26 of the island's 32 counties.

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Together with Rugby which is the first International sport in Ireland, the hurling is the first national sport (Irish: Iománaíocht/Iomáint). It is an outdoor team game of ancient Gaelic origin, administered by the Gaelic Athletic Association. The game has prehistoric origins, has been played for over 3,000 years and is thought to be the world's fastest field team game in terms of game play.

A valid passport or personal identification is required to access this country and do not forget, here we drive on the left!